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Wearable robotics community at A+A Trade fair & congress for safety at workplace 

Düsseldorf, October 24-27th, 2023 – the Wearable Robotics community meeting at the world leading trade fair for safety and health at work place.

This weak at A+A the Exoskeleton Community came together. It was great to meet new and old friends and to see the exoskeleton manufacturers, academia, marketers, certification - and insurance companies united in one forum.

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AGAIN! EXOSKELETON company among the Falling walls science summit 2023 WINNERS 

Berlin, August 16th, 2023 – the Falling Walls Venture Winners have been officially announced

This year in the category "healthcare of the future" the wearable robotics start-up Vilje Bionics from Oslo, Norway was selected under the finalists. 

During the Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin, Nov 07 - 09 2023, Vilje and the other 25 winners will pitch their innovation to a global science community and investors.  

First Wearable robotics company among the Falling walls science summit 2022 finalists 

Berlin, November 03rd, 2022 – Every year the Falling Walls Foundation selects the science breakthoughts from the global science community in various disciplines. 

This year in the category "engineering of the future" the wearable robotics start-up MotorSkins was selected under the finalists. 

Honoring the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, global leaders in science, politics, business, and the media will meet up during the Falling Walls Science Summit (Nov 07th to 09th) to discuss the greatest challenges of our time and finding solutions - the next walls to fall in science and society. 

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Wearable Robotics on Germany TV - Pro7 "Galileo SUperScience" report

Munich, September  15th, 2021 – Primetime! Germanys largest private TV chanel Pro 7 broadcasted the report "Human Robotics" on Galileo SuperScience. 

During COVID19 StraightWalk has been working with a Canadian Start-up, helping to launch a "Dermoskeleton" on the European market. 


The report shows the ecosystem and implementation of Wearable Robots along the Rehabilitation cycle from impatient, outpatient to home use.  

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Straightwalk sponsors the wearable robotics conference WeaRAcon

Stuttgart, October 5th, 2021 – StraightWalk was pleased to be a sponsor of the annual Wearable Robtics Conference WearRAcon Europe which was online and in Stuttgart at the Wilhelm-Maybach-Schule. 

The focus was on industrial Exoskeletons with a new event format called the "Exoworkathlon" where different industrial devices where challanged at an fictive assembly line from Audi. As a highlight the pioneer LAEVO from Netherlands launched their latest back exxoskeleton the Laevo Flex. 

StraightWalk advisor Georg Wagner introduced the new Exoskeleton commercialization platform "Exxowear". Start-ups from all across the world have the opportunity to use the platform to offer their systems and solutions to large corporates in Europe, focus the DACH region.  

Sponsor WR21.pptx.png

Munich, May 30th, 2021 – StraightWalk collaborates with exxotec which is a distribution platform for start-ups to get in touch with industrial clients and big industry firms who have access to the latest industrial exoskleleton products and solutions.  

For more information click on the picture below. 

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Georg Wagner – Medical Robotics expert joined StraightWalk Advisory Board

Munich, March 9th, 2021 – Georg Wagner (Head of Product Line Health @ HAWE Micro Fluid GmbH) has more than 18 years of extensive experience in the international healthcare market. He is a proven specialist in building up new global markets with novel products in the surgical and wearable robotics field. As a member of euRobotics he is actively supporting and shaping the European robotics roadmap and funding programs.

StraightWalk start-ups within the healthcare and industrial health safety space will highly benefit of Georg’s vast experience and knowledge to commercialize and scale breakthrough innovations.


Dr. Jochen Kumm – Medical AI expert and Silicon Valley Serial entrepreneur joined StraightWalk

Palo Alto, December 29th, 2020 – As a pioneer in biomaths and computation, and founder of start-ups in AI, machine learning, financial forecasting, health and genomics, Jochen is driving innovation using intelligent technology for today’s most pressing health topics.


He combines academic innovation – after a BA with Honors in Biology at Harvard University, a PhD in Biological Sciences at Stanford University, and a Research Fellowship in Statistics at University of Washington, he worked at IBM Research, Stanford, Roche Pharma and lead computation in diagnostic and computational companies, such as Veracyte, NextBio, Pathogenica and Pinpoint Science. His experience and network in Silicon Valley helps StraightWalk portfolio companies to merge bio-mechatronics and robotics with artificially intelligent systems.  The scalability and trainability of AI makes Human Robotic ventures more profitable and helps them reach broad markets.


Deal FLow from European InnovAtion Council

Munich, November 26th, 2020 – StraightWalk founder Sigune Suttner is collaborating with the European Commission, the European Innovation Council and EASME, the European Agency for Small and Midsize Enterprises as an expert for robotics. 

Among the selected start-ups there was a spin-off from BruBotics which is the Brussels Human Robotics Research Center of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Indoor Robotics, a world leading indoor drone manufacturer.

With the support from the European Commission, EU high-tech and deep-tech start-ups become more competitive in the global race of Tech-Leadership. 

Silicon Valley meets Munich - Human RObotics meets AI

Munich, October 27th, 2020 – MedTech and AI Expert Dr. Jochen Kumm has been visiting StraightWalk in Munich. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about synergies between Human Robotics and AI which merges more and more together and makes Human Technology "HumanTech" ventureable

Jochen was meeting with the ecosytem partners of StraightWalk also with the CEO of ReactiveRobotics, Dr. Alexander König who has the vision to individualize Robotic Theraphy through AI.


patented, published in science and nature

StraightWalk partners with leading healthcare Dermoskeleton companY Btemia

Munich, June 22nd, 2020 – After receiving CE mark and FDA approval for KEEOGOTM an AI-driven motorized orthosis, the Canadian based company B-Temia Inc. consulted StraightWalk to support the market launch in Europe.

With the remote support from B-Temia Canada, despite COVID19 the robot could be successfully demonstrated and tested with selected clinical partners, distributors, robot rehabilitation centers and home users along the rehabilitation journey in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

For more information visit the website

StraightWalk - finalists for the bold award in the category "BOLDEST Robotics"

Munich, February 10th, 2020 – BOLD Awards source and share stories of individuals, companies and organizations from all over the world to celebrate their BOLD visions, projects and initiatives that really powers breakthroughs. StraightWalk was nominated as one of the top finalists from about 300 Start-ups in the category "BOLDEST Robotics".

The award ceremony takes place in Venice, Italy, on March 27th, 2020 at H-FARM. Established in 2005, H-FARM has been the worlds first innovation platform and -incubator that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs into one place. Todate it is the most important innovation center in Europe. 

For more information click on the picture below. 


Munich, January 28th, 2020 – InvestHorizon a programme financed by the European Commission, to facilitate series A funding for selected deep tech companies published an article about the StraightWalk founder Sigune Suttner and her ambitious goal to build a global and sustainable future for human bionic mobility. 

For more information click on the picture below. 

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StraightWalk CEO published article about Wearable Robotics in AutoTech magazin

Munich, November 21st, 2019 – AutoTech Outlook is a a online magazine and knowledge platform to share insider information from the automotive industry. Senior decision makers from leading organizations share their knowledge and experties among peers.

StraightWalk Founder Sigune Suttner shared her vision about Wearable Robotics in automotive. Please read the article: "Wearable Robotics - Opportunity for the automotive industry". 

For more information reach out to Sigune Suttner:

StraightWalk presented at the 21st CME Investment Conference in Munich

Munich, October 1st, 2019 – StraightWalk Partner CM Equity hosted the 21st CME Investment Conference at the Kempinsky Hotel Vierjahreszeiten. Attendees were 100 international professional and semi-professional Investors, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, Angel Investors, VCs, Asset & Fund Managers, and Entrepreneurs.

StraightWalk and other selected companies presented their investment cases.

The conference and the social event at the Octoberfest the day after is limited to 100 guests and creates like every year an intimate "family-like" atmosphere.

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Ruud Vermeulen - Digital Business and Innovation expert joined StraightWalk

Amsterdam, April 05th, 2019 – Having more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Ruud Vermeulen joined StraightWalk to support the fundraising and investing activities in Europe. 


Ruud has been working across the world in a wide range of different industries, in corporate roles, as an entrepreneur, and in academia, developing business opportunities in engineering, science, and technology. He believes in solving today's world problems collaboratively through (digital) innovation.




StraightWalk founder Suttner was invited by the Wearable Robotics Association to attend the WeaRAcon19 in Phoenix as Jury for the Innovation Challenge

Phoenix, March 27th, 2019 – The Innovation Challenge is every year a highlight of the Wearable Robotics conference. This year 9 early start-ups were pitching 5 Minutes on the stage, showing their innovation in Wearable Robotics.  


Together with Robert Riener, Prof. at eth Zürich and Jamie Tyler, Co-Director at Wear Tech Center, Suttner attended the panel of judges. The winner Japet, a France based start-up, presented Atlas, a mobile, powered, medical exoskeleton for lower back pain.





Phoenix, March 27th, 2019 – The Innovation Challenge is every year a highlight of the Wearable Robotics conference. This year 9 early start-ups were pitching 5 Minutes on the stage, showing their innovation in Wearable Robotics.  


Together with Robert Riener, Prof. at eth Zürich and Jamie Tyler, Co-Director at Wear Tech Center, Suttner attended the panel of judges. The winner Japet, a France based start-up, presented Atlas, a mobile, powered, medical exoskeleton for lower back pain.




StraightWalk team along with free bionics attended the 34th annual j.p.morgan healthcare conference

San Francisco, January 07th, 2019 - Sigune Suttner, CEO of StraightWalk and Ralph Huuk, CFO StraightWalk along with Russ Angold, StraightWalk partner (USA) and ex-CTO Ekso Bionics attended the 34th annual J.P.Morgen healthcare conference. 


The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is a great platform to bring investors and key stakeholders from around the globe together to promote the healthcare sectors mainly in pharmaceutical, healthcare services and medical devices.  




Russ Angold – Exoskeleton pioneer, Founder and former CTO OF Ekso Bionics joined StraightWalk

San Francisco, December 20th, 2018The pioneer and founder of the first exoskeleton company Ekso Bionics, Russ Angold, joined StraightWalk to support the fundraising and investing activities in the United States.


Russ Angold has been developing wearable robots for over a decade. He holds numerous patents and transformed exoskeletons from science fiction to reality.

StraightWalk founder was invited by the BRITISH EMBASSY Podgorica to talk about The IMPACT OF Wearable RoboticS

Montenegro, November 10th, 2018 - StraightWalk founder, Ms. Sigune Suttner spoke at the Chevening conference in Montenegro about the visionary aspects of wearable robotics and how the use of exoskeletons impact the society, health system, and industry. 

StraightWalk partners with leading healthcare exoskeleton companY Free bionics

Munich, October 08th, 2018 - Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). FREE Bionics Taiwan Inc., is a hidden champion in wearable robotics and dedicated to developing outstanding exoskeletons for welfare of human beings. FREE Bionics is located in Hsinchu Science  Park, Taiwan's Silicon Valley, their experienced team was elected by the Wallstreet Journal as one of the Top 100 global R&D teams.

For more details regarding investment opportunity in FREE Bionics  contact us @
StraightWalk founder attend the wearable robotics panel at robouniverse Seoul 2018 with pioneers from the industry

Seoul, June 28th, 2018 - Ms. Sigune Suttner was invited as a speaker to the RoboUniverse conference 2018. Her presentation was about the StraightWalk fund and how it will enable the future wearable robotics market to grow. To the question, why now is the right time to invest in global exoskeleton companies, Suttner explained in her own words:


"Today we have reached the inflection point. The market is late enough, that a variety of great exoskeleton technologies are available and early enough to step into the market with a reasonable valuation"

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