StraightWalk team along with free bionics attended the 34th annual j.p.morgan healthcare conference

San Francisco, January 07th, 2019 - Sigune Suttner, CEO of StraightWalk and Ralph Huuk, CFO StraightWalk along with Russ Angold, StraightWalk partner (USA) and ex-CTO Ekso Bionics attended the 34th annual J.P.Morgen healthcare conference. 


The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is a great platform to bring investors and key stakeholders from around the globe together to promote the healthcare sectors mainly in pharmaceutical, healthcare services and medical devices.  




Russ Angold – Exoskeleton pioneer, Founder and former CTO OF Ekso Bionics joined StraightWalk

San Francisco, December 20th, 2018The pioneer and founder of the first exoskeleton company Ekso Bionics, Russ Angold, joined StraightWalk to support the fundraising and investing activities in the United States.


Russ Angold has been developing wearable robots for over a decade. He holds numerous patents and transformed exoskeletons from science fiction to reality.

Fendt family office joined StraightWalk as anchor investor

Munich, December 07th, 2018Fendt, well known for world-leading agriculture and off-road vehicles, joined StraightWalk. The investment is an indirect investment in infrastructure costs such as BaFin license, fundraising- and fund management-setup. Furthermore, Fendt supports with their reputation, network, and manpower.

StraightWalk signs contract with Chinese industrial exoskeleton company

Munich, November 27th, 2018 - StraightWalk signed a contract with the Dalian based exoskeleton company Crimson Dynamics.


Founded in 2016, Crimson Dynamics is the first industrial exoskeleton company in China focused on R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial exoskeletons.


Crimson follows the design principle of providing assisted force and protection as well as long-time wearing comfort for workers in a variety of industrial applications. By creating practical and affordable exoskeletons, Crimson aims to increase efficiency, reducing human fatigue and preventing injuries.

StraightWalk founder was invited by the BRITISH EMBASSY Podgorica to talk about The IMPACT OF Wearable RoboticS

Montenegro, November 10th, 2018 - StraightWalk founder, Ms. Sigune Suttner spoke at the Chevening conference in Montenegro about the visionary aspects of wearable robotics and how the use of exoskeletons impact the society, health system, and industry. 

StraightWalk partners with leading healthcare exoskeleton companY Free bionics

Munich, October 08th, 2018 - Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). FREE Bionics Taiwan Inc., is a hidden champion in wearable robotics and dedicated to developing outstanding exoskeletons for welfare of human beings. FREE Bionics is located in Hsinchu Science  Park, Taiwan's Silicon Valley, their experienced team was elected by the Wallstreet Journal as one of the Top 100 global R&D teams.

For more details regarding investment opportunity in FREE Bionics  contact us @
StraightWalk founder attend the wearable robotics panel at robouniverse Seoul 2018 with pioneers from the industry

Seoul, June 28th, 2018 - Ms. Sigune Suttner was invited as a speaker to the RoboUniverse conference 2018. Her presentation was about the StraightWalk fund and how it will enable the future wearable robotics market to grow. To the question, why now is the right time to invest in global exoskeleton companies, Suttner explained in her own words:


"Today we have reached the inflection point. The market is late enough, that a variety of great exoskeleton technologies are available and early enough to step into the market with a reasonable valuation"

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